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Absolut Audio Converter adalah software untuk mengkonversi format audio. absolut Audio Converter termasuk audio digital converter, yang dapat mengkonversi file-file audio WMA, MP3, WAV, dll. Di blog ini software Absolut Audio Converter  dalam bentuk portable dan langsung dapat digunakan tanpa proses instalasi terdahulu. Software Absolut Audio Converter ini dapat beroperasi ke seluruh sistem operasi Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003/VISTA/WIN 7. Software Absolut Audi Converter dapat mempermudahkan kita untuk mengkonversi file audio tanpa merusak kualiatas audio. Dibawah ini beberapa fitur yang terdapat di Absolut Audio Converter :

  • Works under Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista/Win7/Win7 operating system (or higher)
  • Handy User's Interface. Easy-to-use Explorer-like interface allows you easily navigate through audio files on our computer and perform all actions just by one mouse click even for unproficient user
  • Batch Conversion Support. In case of mass conversion you can use inbuilt Batch Conversion engine to increase performance. You just need to add files you want to convert to Batch Queue and ress "Process tasks" button! You can easily change conversion settings(output format, it's settings, ID3 Tag information) of tasks in Batch Queue, after you add them
  • Fast Conversion Speed. Audio formats conversion is performed directly, without any temporary WAV files, this fact means higher converting speed and economy of hard disk resource. Fast processing speed saves your time and high conversion quality allows you really to enjoy your digital audio
  • Best Audio Codecs Support . Our digital audio converter uses most modern and fast audio codecs, it internally supports WMA 9 format: WMA 9 with constant bitrate, quality based WMA 9 format with variable bitrate, two-pass bitrate based WMA 9 format with variable bitrate and WMA 9 Lossless format, which allows you to store your digital audio with best quality. For MP3 encoding it uses fast LAME encoder 3.97, for OGG encoding it uses latest Vorbis SDK updates
Screenshoot Absolute Audio Converter :
Absolut Audio Converter ini di websitenya dihargai $29.95, tetapi di blog ini anda dapatkan secara gratis.

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